8 simple rules for using Manchester Met Library

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Nov 1 · 4 min read

Rules. Potentially not the most thrilling topic for a blog post, I agree, but pretty important all the same. We all know how vital the Library is, and how busy it can get, especially when assignment deadlines are looming, so we need to make sure we have a few rules in place to stop it from descending into complete chaos.

Not sure I’d agree with you there, but…

If you’d like to get the lowdown on how to get the most out of the Library space, and what you can do to keep us all working together in harmony, you’re in the right place. Just read on to discover our 8 simple rules:

Rule 1: Respect the study zones

I’m sure you’ll all agree that there’s nothing more annoying than settling down in a silent study zone and trying to get your head round a reeeealllly tricky topic, only to be bombarded by someone else’s ridiculously loud conversation. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose the right space for the kind of work you’ll be doing. Not sure where to find the best zone for you? Check out our fabulous Be More Ross post for lots of useful info, including a handy floor plan!

Rule 2: Respect the Library staff

I know everyone gets stressed out from time to time, especially when you’ve got a to-do list a mile long, but try to take a step back and remember that Library staff are people, too. We’re not just information giving-book stamping-cardigan wearing robots, we have emotions, and are just trying to make the Library a peaceful place for everyone to work in, students and staff alike. So if one of us asks you to do something, please listen and take note as it’s for everyone’s benefit, including your own.

Rule 3: Put your rubbish in the bin

We absolutely want you to feel at home in the Library, but that doesn’t mean leaving your rubbish lying around. There are plenty of recycling and waste bins available, so you’ve got no excuse — and can do your bit for the environment. Also, any leftover food can attract our furry friends, and whilst we are animal lovers here in the Library, mice in the building really isn’t a good look!

Come on guys, if a dog can do it then you certainly can!

Rule 4: Leave the hot food at the door…

Or eat it in the Chat Zone, at the very least! Now, I absolutely love food. As in, I’m already thinking about my tea before I’ve even finished my breakfast. Cooking and eating are two of my favourite things, and whether I’m at home, a restaurant or round at a loved one’s house, a good meal is just the best. Eating it in the Library, on the other hand… Not only could your books end up smelling of last night’s curry and chips or being covered in greasy fingerprints courtesy of KFC*, the smell could seriously distract other Library users. And you don’t want to make anyone ‘hangry’, after all. (*Other fried chicken restaurants are available!)

Even the mildest mannered of people can fall victim to a hanger attack, so make sure to eat responsibly!

Rule 5: Don’t be a space hogger

Leaving the Library for longer than just a quick break? Then make sure to take all your stuff with you! Not only is this safer for you as you know exactly where your belongings are, but you’re also freeing up a valuable study space for another student. It’s basically a win-win for everyone involved!

Rule 6: Feeling sleepy? Go home!

The Library’s great for lots of things, but sleeping really isn’t one of them. The furniture’s not the comfiest, for a start, and certainly isn’t designed for sleeping on. Also, who wants to feel like they’re living in the Library? Even I like having a change of scene from time to time, and I work here! So go on, go home and take a nap. I promise you’ll feel all the better for it.

Zzzzzzzs and libraries don’t mix…

Rule 7: Want to smoke or vape? Take it outside

Another thing that the Library’s not great for is having a sneaky drag on a cigarette or e-cig. You’re hardly going to endear yourself to fellow Library users if you’re enveloping them in clouds of smoke/vapour even if it is bubblegum flavoured. And that’s before mentioning the obvious risk of burns and fires. The bottom line is, even if you think you’re being discreet, someone’s going to notice. So please, use the shelters outside if you need a cig break — that’s what they’re there for!

Smoking in an enclosed space…not a good move!

Rule 8: Behave the way you’d like others to behave

Last but definitely not least, here’s possibly the most important rule of them all. Treat the Library space and the people working within it in the same way that you’d like to be treated — a little respect, kindness and consideration goes a long, long way! As the incredible Malala Yousafzai puts it:

So there we have it, 8 simple rules for using our Library. But really, you only have to remember our golden rule, and then everything else should fall into place. Take a second to think about how you’d like people to behave towards you, and you won’t go far wrong! 😊