Be More Ross…..

Today’s blog has been written by Selena, one of your friendly library assistants

There comes a time in everybody’s life when you become Ross from Friends. That happened to me recently when a group of students were having a shouty conversation about the latest celebrity social media spat in a silent zone. Having to enforce no talking rules in a no talking zone by not talking is a challenge but by being more Ross I managed to get my point across.

Did you know there are various colour-coded zones in the Library for different types of study?

Second and Fourth floors are silent study only.

No talking at all

Ground and First West are quiet study areas.

Only quiet study related conversations allowed

First Floor East, the IT Zone and the Fifth floor are group study areas.

Talk as much as you want — within reason.

So what can you do if someone is disturbing you in a quiet/silent zone?

You could:


Look out the window


Feel sorry for yourself


Go on the offensive (disclaimer: please don’t pick this option)

D] Speak to a Security Officer at the entrance or on patrol or text 07748328656 to alert a member of staff.

Ross would be proud

This is your Library. We have given you lots of different zones to suit the way you want to work. Please respect each other and the right to study in peace by choosing the correct zone.

For more information see the Library’s policies and regulations page.

Thanks Ross!