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Oct 7 · 3 min read

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It’s October and by now you should be in the midst of timetables, lectures and Man Met Uni life. Sometimes it can feel like you are constantly on the go, pounding the streets of Manchester from building to building all day every day. When it’s raining constantly and you discover your waterproof jacket isn’t so waterproof, it can feel very, very grim especially when the third not-so-Megabus of the day splashes you and soaks you through to your underwear AGAIN!!!!

If only there was some kind of reward [aside from acing your studies, obviously] for all the exercise and unintentional rain dancing you are doing…

Step forward MCR Met Moves the brilliant scheme, from the lovely folks at MMU Sport, that rewards you for exercising with a range of fantastic prizes.

You don’t even have to go out of your way to hit the gym as it will track your movement from home to Man Met Uni, lecture to lecture, seminar to seminar, visits to the Library and back, everything that you normally do. You can, of course, do more exercise in your free time if you want to as that counts, too. Well almost everything, with the exception of horizontal running…

You may want to leave out the horizontal running

Watch this video from Mcr Met Moves for more information:

It is completely free, takes a few minutes to sign up, using your email address and can be set up by syncing to a wearable device or downloading an app. All the details you need are here. And once you start, you’ll be on your way to a free coffee before you know it.

Rewards are subject to availability and changeable. I have it on good authority that the next set to be added includes an umbrella [which every single one of us needs right now] and travel cups so you won’t have to deal with spillage and can save the world at the same time by avoiding single-use cups. Win:win I say.

Exclusive: Travel cups are coming soon

Exercise is crucial to a healthy body and a healthy mind. It combats stress and makes you feel good. MMU Sport are making it even easier to be motivated to stay active and healthy so sign up today. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing.

Elle knows

If you are interested in reading about sport and exercise at the Library, the 796 to 799 book section has been moved and is now located on First Floor East. Please check Library Search for more details.

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