Trump, you’re fired! From this country.

I’m not a politician. I don’t need to be correct and I don’t need endorsements or others to like me. This post is deeply personal and I could not sleep until I got this out.

What Trump has been doing is a shit show and it’s got to stop. Now.

To get to the heart of the matter! Earlier this week, an older white man verbally abused my wife and 3 year old daughter while crossing the street in Mountain View. My wife wears the hijab (Muslim head cover). She called me terrified. The man was yelling out of his car window shouting: “Trump will kick you out of this country you and your baby” — she quickly ran away from him while he continued yelling and cursing. Luckily, my daughter did not hear the whole thing and was asking my wife “why is the man shouting at us talking about a baby”.

Honestly, I thought the whole Trump thing was a media ploy and a joke. Now, I’m really concerned for the safety of my family in this country. We thought the Bay Area out of all places would not be affected by Trump’s hateful rhetoric. Regardless of this being a one off incident or not. It happened. And it happened to my family. That’s where I draw the line. All the videos making fun of Trump were funny. Not anymore. To me at least.

Public figures of any type are role models. They are held in high regard by many. They are leaders whether they consider themselves ones or not. For that, we (humans) should hold them to higher standards.

Trump has been able to bring the worst side out of the worst people. This can’t go on any further. A major public figure can’t be allowed to spread messages that promote violence and racism. I just can’t comprehend how a presidential candidate can be allowed to spew unconstitutional statements that are fabricated, derogatory, and distasteful.

What is the GOP waiting for? They need to #dumptrump. Now. I would like to take it a step further. Our actions have consequences. Public figures actions have bigger consequences, they have impact at scale. When we stay silent, we are implicitly approving their actions. I think the US government should take a real stand here. People’s lives are at risk. Trump should be banned from running as president (not as GOP, not as indie, just out).

OK, now I feel much better. I can go back to sleep. Trump can continue to bankrupt his businesses no need to morally bankrupt this country. It would be even better to ban him from the US all together — I’m sure Putin will welcome him.

Image copied from Bill Walker’s article here.
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