An Horse is an indie rock duet from Brisbane, Australia. Damon Cox on drums and Kate Cooper on guitar and main vocals. An Horse has been around since 2007 and have released four recordings between 2007 and 2015. After three years, their newest release “Get Out Somehow” excites fans with hopes of more new music to follow. Both members of the band held high energy and pleased the intimate crowd at Mercy Lounge. They opened with their song called Horizons and followed with Campout, Scared As Fuck, and Dressed So Sharply. Saving their new hit single “Get Out Somehow” for last; they invited Kevin Devine on stage to play bass. The three of them played the song with sheer perfection and it was obvious that they connected personally.

· Kevin Devine is an independent songwriter and musician from Brooklyn, New York. Devine falls into several genres of music. Each song tells a story providing the listener with imagery. This is my third time seeing Kevin Devine live and he never disappoints. He always has good stories to share and enjoys performing. He began his set with Ballgame followed by Instigator, Carnival,Bubblegum, Just Stay and She Can’t See Me. Damon Cox from An Horse joined Devine on stage to play drums for She Can’t See Me. Again, we saw friends making music. Devine ended his set with Brother’s Blood,as he usually does. With the audience hushed, Devine poured out his sorry heart, his sorry heart.