Novak Djokovic and tennis need a Batman

A large part of the Superman vs. Batman movie is the rivalry between the two comic book icons. Sports also enjoy a great battle. Novak Djokovic is clearly the Superman of tennis, but where is Batman?

Djokovic’s latest title in Indian Wells is a great testament to his dominance. The number one player’s victories are so matter of fact that men’s tennis is becoming stagnant and bordering on boring.

We all know Superman is indestructible but even the “man of steel” gets challenged from time to time. There are plenty of other tennis stars who would like to give Djokovic a test, but so far no Batman has appeared.

There is no “Big Four” anymore. Andy Murray is game enough but just not tough enough when it matters. At Indian Wells, Rafael Nadal showed promising signs of being a threat to Djokovic. Roger Federer is maybe the closest to giving the Serb a contest, but time is the opponent that even the Swiss champ can’t beat.

Over the past few years, the only player who has been kryptonite to super Djokovic has been Stan Wawrinka. The problem is “Stan the Man” doesn’t hang around tournaments long enough to face Djokovic. Wawrinka is not consistent enough and loses to lower ranked players too often.

At Indian Wells, Djokovic beat Milos Raonic, the Canadian with the rocket serves, 6–2, 6–0. There was talk of an injury, but a fully healthy Raonic wouldn’t have done but better. Raonic is just one of the young guns who don’t pose a threat to Djokovic.

The closest scares in the tournament came from Nadal who had set point against Djokovic in their semi-final and 149 ranked Bjorn Fratangelo who actually won a set in an earlier round. All the other matches were pretty ho-hum as Djokovic is on automatic and just rolls through opponents.

For dramatic purposes, Superman vs. Batman will show their battle as a back and forth event probably ending with either a draw or a narrow victory for one of the super heroes. Right now it looks like only Djokovic himself can get in his own way.

All praise should go to Novak Djokovic’s mastery of his sport. We should enjoy his ride for historic purposes, but men’s tennis needs a jolt. It is time for the Bat signal.