Suddenly,making people happy in your team is the in thing.In order to make the people happy,all kinds of approaches are being tried.Flexible hours,working from home,longer maternity leave….It is believed that happy people are more productive.Will they also be more creative?

History tells us otherwise.

Many people who made great contributions to our civilization were unhappy persons.Beethoven is believed to have thought of attempting suicide during the period he produced his best work.Michelangelo certainly did not possess high emotional intelligence – a trait which many ‘gurus’ are raving about in recent years.Charles Darwin was given to hysterical crying.Newton had psychotic tendencies.

Jack Mingo,the author of “ How the Cadillac got its fins” wrote ‘our most beloved products were developed by…and fanaticism,by creators who were eccentric or even stark raving mad’. Patricia Pitcher in her book ‘’The drama of leadership” echoes similar thoughts – ‘’you say you don’t want emotional,volatile and unpredictable,just imaginative?sorry,they only come in a package’’. Jack Welch,called ‘’Neutron Jack’’ for his penchant for firing people obviously was not looking to create a happy family at the work place.

In chemistry,a reaction at equilibrium has no net reaction going on.A team with passion has to be somewhat unhappy.That is necessary for scoring goals,shooting for stars and yearning for elusive excellence.Contented like bovines,happy people are always prone to complacence.Passion and excitement always are,on the other hand,tinged with dissatisfaction.

The world is a better and more joyous place to live in invariably because of many unhappy people.The comedies are forgotten,most of the epics talk of the tragedies.