. In material science,smartness is quantified in terms of responsiveness.In the world of business,this quality is equally important.

how do you respond to the customer?

While the companies may not admit it or realise it,establishing call centres as an outsourced facility has been both an annoyance as well as a failure.Any company which fail to realise it will ultimately pay for that failure.

Unfortunately,in countries like India where even banks are in public sector,nobody will pay for the mistakes.Let me illustrate it by my experience with few different ‘’companies’’.

As my pension is deposited in state bank of india,I am forced to have an account there.It is not that everybody is incompetent there.If you encounter an efficient person ,it comes as a pleasant surprise.On the other hand,I do encounter inefficient people in other two private banks but in general,the set up is more responsive to the customers.

Let me shift to the other sector.Amazon in india has amazing responsive behaviour which is so unlike indians.I got the delivery in delhi on a day when US secretory of state got caught up in the traffic jam on a rainy day. That is amazing logistics.What is more amazing is the way they respond to customers.You can actually chat online and resolve the problem.What is more,unlike other indian schemes which mostly remain on paper,it actually works.Another surprise is the whole exchange is courteous.

Let me compare with another Indian company called Airtel.There is noway you can actually reach a person.Sure,they do have highly paid morons who will respond by e mails something which has nothing to do with what you wrote about.

Natural selection operates the market

As globalisation takes further roots,the company like Airtel will take a beating.The issue will be not being responsive to the customers.Companies like Amazon will succeed as they have understood the importance of being smart,that is ,responsive to customers.

For a while,public sector companies like state bank of india will be kept afloat by taxpayer’s money.Ultimately,even in India,being insensitive and unresponsive to customers will make it difficult for such outfits to survive.

Smartness is defined as disproportionately higher response to the trigger/need/stimulus.That also is a part of fitness to survive.As in biology,only those who are fit to survive will continue to exist;outfits like Airtel and state banks will meet the fate of dinosaurs!