Why we have decided to “slay the world”.

Today I’ll tell you about our project, our motives to make it, and about the game universe of World Slayer.

World Slayer Team is a group of developers, who have worked in the game industry in one or another way, and have united to make an original nonlinear RPG. We have a broad experience in the genre with both Western (like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, Fallout, Dragon Age: Origins) and Eastern (Persona, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Suikoden, Xenogears, etc.) games, that’s why we specifically would like to make a multiplatform game, that could be played equally well on both mobile platforms and PC.

There is a multitude of parallel worlds in the universe, and sometimes a world gets infected by the Corruption, that gradually changes the world, turning it into a monster, which in its turn begins distorting and consuming other worlds nearby. In order to prevent the end of the universe, a special agent called World Slayer is dispatched to an infected world to destroy it.

But things don’t go according to plan this time around — right after arriving to the world the protagonist faces a mystical and weirdly dressed (or weirdly undressed?) sorceress, who somehow, inexplicably takes away the hero’s slaying powers, but also loses all of her memories. Everything that happens afterwards is entirely in players’ hands.

World Slayer is a game about freedom and the responsibility for that freedom. We give players an ample choice of actions, which define both the fate of the character and the fate of the world. It is roleplay in its pure form. The players make the decisions they deem right (or wrong?), but should be prepared to face the consequences of their actions. Since the slaying power suggests a single type of use, only by losing it Slayer becomes truly free. Although, the world is still under the threat of destruction. Is it possible to reclaim the power and complete the initial mission? Or are there any other ways to get rid of the Corruption? Or maybe — the hell with it — maybe you should just live a little and enjoy the ride? Each player decides which “game” they want to play for themselves.

The universe of World Slayer is uncertain. There are no ideal heroes or villains, and the actions of the characters (whether good or bad) are always caused by human motives. A person following a noble goal with high hopes might fall into very low temptations of serving solely themselves. And for some others a critical situation may turn into a blessing and bring the best out of them, along with a will to defend… but let’s be honest, people like that are extremely rare. You’re more likely to encounter lies, conspiracies, intrigues, manipulations — or you can lie, conspire, intrigue and manipulate others.

The setting of the world consists of seven themes, each being more dominant in one or another faction, while corporations play the major role in the society. Weapons, technology, and even magic — everything is put into mass production.
Which brand is your magic fire crystal? Of course, made by the Citadel, since their products set the standards of quality and reliability. Also, yesterday I got myself the STX7 mark II sword at a sale.

You’re not likely to find anything “random” in World Slayer — right about everything has its explanation, its setting, actual source of the Corruption, its events, which might seem out of place at first, even the revealing outfit of Thea (the sorceress) has an explanation in the plot (and isn’t just fan service). We try to think through every little detail, so it all could come together as one whole mechanism, where every tiny piece is in its place. Even though many players don’t necessarily pay attention to the depth of the work — we simply can’t do it any other way.

Take a look at the promo art, for example:

These are not random undressed girls used simply to attract the male audience. Each detail carries a metaphorical meaning, and tells one of the major story lines… but to catch it you would have to finish it first.

That’s the how we approach the universe of the game. It might seem like a whole lot of excessive overthinking, but we believe that is exactly the way video games should be made. Because game development is a very unique art.

If you’re interested in this project, you can support us by sharing it, by leaving feedback, by subscribing to the newsletter on our website, or by making a donation (being indie is not easy!).

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