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Northeast Edmonton Roots

What is now Ward 4 has been my home since 1977. My family emigrated from Guyana to Canada when I was 3 years old. After 6 years in Montreal, we moved to our new home in Clareview. The neighbourhood back then was a different landscape. There were a lot of open fields, single lane roads with no overpasses, Sifton Elementary School was nearly completed and a “temporary” LRT — Clareview Station was just being built near some farm lands where horses still grazed. The city was growing and getting ready for the 1978 Commonwealth Games. It was an exciting place to live, grow and explore.

Military Veteran

I am proud to have served 14 years as an Officer in the Canadian Navy. I joined the Naval Reserves in Edmonton right out of high school. After completing a summer of basic training, I was accepted into the University Naval Training Division program while I pursued my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at the University of Alberta to which I received my degree in 1993. As a Maritime Surface officer, I navigated minesweepers and coastal patrol boats on both coasts.

Upon graduation, my first full time posting was in Edmonton. For three years I worked with all levels of government to coordinate military training and to promote the military community. I served as an Aide de Campe for the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta for 2 years. After Edmonton, I spent 2 years in Quebec City, QC where I was in charge of maintaining Primary Reserve manning, developing a national recruiting program, training policy and assisting in compensation and benefits casework.

Oil and Gas Entrepreneur

After the Navy, I returned home to Edmonton and have spent the past 20 years in the Oil and Gas Industry — the emerging field of Directional Drilling. I spent 5 years in field operations throughout western Canada using various telemetry guidance instruments to drill directional, horizontal and SAGD, steam assist gravity drainage, wells. I also advised and consulted on drilling operations in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. In 2004, I became a founder in a directional drilling services company which operated primarily throughout Western Canada.

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