My Vision for Ward 4

Developing Our Business Industrial Zone

Bring all parties together to make doing business in Ward 4 a priority for the City’s growth.

LRT Expansion

The plan to extend the LRT north has been identified. Although, the expansion is slated a few years from now, work is needed to engineer our roadways and neighbourhoods to accommodate users and create transportation efficiency for transit users. Our recent census indicated that 15% of residents in Ward 4 use the transit daily. That number will continue to rise.

Seniors Residence

We need a seniors’ residence in Ward 4. This will allow families who continue to care for elder parents to house closer to their residence. Many seniors require assistance that family members cannot provide on their own. The wait times for homes can be lengthy. A new residence is necessary for the family unit to stay whole.

Youth Leadership Centre

Ward 4 can be the leader in the City of Edmonton to have a Youth Leadership centre. Our young people continue to seek opportunities to grow and learn outside of the school environment. We as a community do a great job to foster youth development in sports, however the focus of this centre is to provide an alternative where our youth can learn and grow in the fields of arts, dance, language, music, culture and community.

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