Why am I running for City Council?

I have a passion for Ward 4 Growth

Ward 4 is very important to me. It’s where I grew up and currently reside; my children were born and raised here. My family’s ties to this community extend three generations, which makes me deeply care about what goes on throughout this ward. I consider myself fortunate to work and visit many cities in my travels across Canada, but there is something special here in Northeast Edmonton that continues to resonate with me. There is a strong community spirit here. It is and always will be a great place to live, grow and explore.

The time for a new Councillor is now. Ward 4 has come a long way from open farm fields: strong community centres, retail stores, and restaurants are making this area a vibrant and exciting place to live. However, there is still more work to be done. I intend to carry on the work of building our community with the expansion of our business core. We need to develop the industrial lands inside the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park as well as Northeast Horse Hill lands, north of the Henday. The completed ring road gives us access to build that business park to its full potential. I want to pursue that challenge by forging strong working relationships with all levels of government, our business community leaders, and outside stakeholders.

Edmonton Ward 4 Map
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