8th Legacy Empire #1

The Master Plan

First, thank you so very much for clicking my link and coming here to read about my journey into entrepreneurship. The likes, comments, shares and follows are all greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my blog and designs.

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Hi, my name is Mike Nathan and one of my major life goals is to become a full-time designer for a great company and have a side hustle that allows for full creative freedom and extra income. In late 2016, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a full-time graphic designer which I wrote about a while back so this blog series is not about that. This shit is all about that mothafuckin’ side hustle son.

I have started a new project called 8TH Legacy Empire and want to take ya’ll along for the ride. I want to show you how I am building this shit so maybe, if you want, you can do the same thing and put your own spin on it. I spent two years teaching this system to my 10 and 12 year old kids so I know you can learn it too. If you like to draw and have basic computer knowledge you can do this shit.

The Starter Kit:

  • My 8 Step Process (shown below)*
  • The Adobe Creative Suite
  • A Redbubble account
  • A Google account
  • A Trello account
  • A Facebook account
  • An Instagram account
  • A Domain Name via BlueHost
  • My computer with high speed internet
  • Oh yeah…and this Blog.

My 8 Step Process:

  • Think — What do want to make and why.
  • Design — Sketch up a good first draft
  • Digitize — Import design into Adobe Photoshop or Illutrator to clean things up and get colors right
  • Finalize — Check and recheck your design for flaws until your happy with it.
  • Monetize — Upload the final design to Redbubble.com aka the currently very free, ready-made e-store.
  • Advertise — Using Facebook and Instagram and YouTube to get the word out about our products.
  • Analyze — Check out how your ads and products are doing. Listen to feedback and make changes as needed.
  • Grow — Understand what works and what does not. Build better skills, strategies, teams and scale the business as you move forward.

That is pretty much it.

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