Jeff Morris Jr. is the founder and Managing Partner of Chapter One, an early-stage seed fund backed by Sequoia, Marc Andreessen, Kleiner Perkins and many other LPs. Jeff has invested in companies like Lyft, Dapper Labs, Pipe, Superhuman and many more. He was previously the VP of Product, Revenue at Tinder.

We talk about his learning from deploying a fund, investing in crypto, how he determined his value add and more!

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NA: I would love to start with a little…

Welcome to The Inquisitive VC Podcast Ep 2 with Kinjal Shah from Blockchain Capital.

Kinjal is an early-stage investor at Blockchain Capital, working with founders building the future of crypto. She is also a founding member of Komorebi Collective, a DAO making investments exclusively in female and nonbinary crypto founders. Previously, she spent time at Fidelity Investments and Tufts University.

We talk about Komorebi Collective, crypto consumer products, DAOs, access to information for new users and more!

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NA: I thought it would be great to start off with your background…

This is the first episode on The Inquisitive VC Podcast, which you can find on all major streaming channels including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts and more! Over the next few months we will also attempt to publish the audio of some of our older conversations while working to bring on exciting new guests 🚀

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Madusha is the founder and CEO of Expo Labs, an Auckland-based venture studio. Currently, Expo Labs is building and…

Graham Pingree is a Partner at Cendana Capital, a fund of funds that invests in early-stage VC funds globally. Previously he spent time at Horsely Bridge and Cambridge Associates and is known as one of the most helpful LPs in the business.

We talk about his journey to VC, rolling funds, problems in the LP community and Cendana’s investment in Better Tomorrow Ventures!

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NA: Thanks for joining me Graham, it would be great to start with your entry into the world of venture capital?

GP: Sure, I started right out of undergrad…

Ryan McIntyre is a founding partner of Foundry Group focusing on investments across the Foundry portfolio. Prior to co-founding Foundry Group, Ryan started his career in venture capital at Mobius Venture Capital and co-founded Excite. Ryan is an avid guitarist, songwriter, recording engineer, and runs the occasional marathon.

We talk about his journey to VC, investing in funds, investing in New Zealand, his anti-portfolio and more!

NA: Thanks for joining me, Ryan. It would be great to start with how you entered the world of venture?

RM: I was an entrepreneur and software engineer and prior to becoming a venture…

Michael Dempsey is a General Partner at Compound, an NYC based VC firm that invests in bleeding-edge technology. Previously Michael worked at CB Insights and Crane Partners, a multi-strategy hedge fund.

We talk about:

— Public market vs private market investing

— Machine learning


— Total Addressable Markets (TAMs) and more!

NA: Could you give us a very quick overview of your background?

MD: I’m born in Los Angeles, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and eventually came to New York to go to school. I really hated school generally. I got out as quickly as possible and went…

Geoff Lewis is the Founder and Managing Partner of Bedrock Capital, a technology investment firm that is “in search of narrative violations”, he is also an EHF Fellow. Previously Geoff was a Partner at Founders Fund and an entrepreneur.

We talk about his journey from P&G to VC, meeting Peter Thiel, being an EHF Fellow, investing in First AML and more.

NA: Thanks for joining me, Geoff. I love your journey to the world of VC and I thought we could start there. Can you talk about how you made that jump from P&G? …

Lovina McMurchy is a Partner at Movac, one of New Zealand's oldest and largest venture firms. Previously Lovina spent 20 years in the US as a tech executive for Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon.

We talk about her journey from South Auckland to the US, some of Lovina's learnings as the General Manager of Skype, and what she will be doing with Movac.

NA: Thanks for joining me Lovina. I’d love to start with an overview of your background, your journey from New Zealand to all the great companies you worked for and now that you’re back home, what you’re doing?

Rob Vickery is the Founder and Managing Partner at Hillfarrance Venture Capital and an entrepreneur-turned-VC who has been investing at the frontiers of enterprise technology since 2014. Prior to creating Hillfarrance, Rob was the Founding Partner of one of Los Angeles’ most active enterprise software venture funds, Stage Venture Partners.

Mohammed Amdani is a Founding Partner at Adapt Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with a global mandate. Prior to this, he led Seed and Series A investments for Plug and Play Ventures in Silicon Valley and later became Head of Ventures for their EMEA region. His experiences as an operator appeared in all forms from selling milk tea out of his dorm room to co-founding Sugar Clothing to leading Qured’s B2B subscription product in London.

We talk about Adapt VCs global mandate, DD at early stages, working with his brother and more!

NA: Hi Mo, thanks for joining me…

Nawaz Ahmed

Investment Manager @ Techemy, Angel Investor and Ex-Founder

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