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we are pleased to inform the community that MNCX has collaborated with several portfolio Capital and Signal portfolios also ICO Ranking Machines. #partnerships #cooperation #marketcapital #trading #cryptocurrencynews #ICO #project #Stellar

👥 contact partnership :

Partnership page and link :

👥 contact support and community :

Telegram group Click Here

running program Q1-Q3 phase project

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Dividend program commision, all MNCX digital asset holders will receive dividends every month on the 5th day. trade and buy on stellarportio, recommended wallet holder Lobstrco. dont miss it, get more profitable !!

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MNCX (MooncoinX) is a representation of globalization, where the moon is defined as an earth satellite and coin is one of the means of payment. In other words MNCX is a payment media in the field of creative industries, E-Commerce, education and social humanity and services.

For help to open trustline follow guide bellow :


add new asset on your wallet, and search by domain or asset id
Asset Code : MNCX
Domain :

other ways, we have Q1 progress on market analysis and research investor for project. …

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Creative industry based tokens

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