Choose What’s Right Not What’s Easy

Daily struggle, life distress and complexity of life make people start to devaluated what they fight for. Most people fight for what makes them good enough as the hold value of their life such as beliefs, social status, gender equality or happiness in life.

We never know what people feel about their circumstance and we can’t underestimate people who start to make a change to be a better-valued person in life. Their mental attitude will take much charge on this offbeat behavioral treat. We can see the obstacle as a problematic and wasteful challenge because we can’t see the upcoming different in short of time. However, the way of our mental attitude see the half full or half empty glass make a judgment of whether we are positive or negative people but that’s not as simple as that. The way people see about something define their circumstance and condition of mental health. Being positive or negative people didn’t precisely permanent though. It can be a break as hard as breaking eggs shell. Break them through a different perspective and feel the experience and you can hack people’s mind by the magic of words, that was the skill of communication.

As if you have the goal’s of life, the truth is every goal we make in life is such state that we don’t experience right now. So the goal’s is the whole different level of your current life. That seems far and impossible to reach, but your mental preview about some problem define the way you can make it happen.

Your mental attitude makes you start the part half there as if in the image above. If we think we can’t and so the reality you won’t ever move from your current state. You start to make a plan to find the way there then you have some probability to achieve them. You never know what hidden ability you have before you start and experience failure. That failure will teach you more than your teacher and those become the real value you learn from life and make them who you are today. Be better than yesterday is one fundamental improvement of self-development.

There is a will, and there is a way, such conventional wisdom we hear about a century. There is a good, fast, or easy way to reach out your final goals in life. However, you should remember that we shouldn’t sell part our beliefs just the shake of fulfilling our ambitious desire to achieve our goals. Do the right things so you will learn and grow from there. Don’t make an easy way out from your problem and make some wisdom thought later when you become a parent in the shake of being cool in front of your children. Start building your value from young, and you can see your garden blooming while you get old.

Easy or fastest way to shut all your whole problem maybe just some trap to not make you a bigger person than before. It seems excellent and beautiful, but you make a massive mistake by fall to the endless hole of stagnancy of life. Please love yourself more by providing good food, environment, and knowledge to support all of your growth aspects to be a human. Be kind, humble and lovely for your precious soul cause no one ever will do that kind stuff. Believe on what universe tell you to start of doing more. Cheerio.

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