At the end of 2019 I left my role as a senior designer at a London-based studio to focus on building my own design practice. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and having been at the same studio for 4 years it felt like the timing was right.

I’ve worked for myself before, but during that time most of my income came from freelancing at other studios rather than from my own clients. This time around my ambition is to build a viable design practice of my own, and I’m going to write about the process as…

Originally written for Less Common More Sense #8 (the student magazine of the University of the Arts London), January 2007

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Lurking at the back of the Information Design studio with the photographer, Ann, I start to feel a bit guilty about us being here. The art director wants a shot of Hamish with his back to the camera and he’s consciously moved to a position where we can work without getting in his way too much whilst he teaches. The class has been asked if anyone looked at a piece of A1 before starting work on the latest project. …

Dear designer@mandatorythinking,

How do you kick-start yourself, if you are faced with a creative block?

This question is part of my diploma research about the subject “creative dryness” and I start to send it to 1000 designers worldwide to collect their answers/methods.

It would be lovely, if you could help me with YOUR answer.

I suppose I should give this some context.

Back in 2011 I received an email from a student on a university design course, asking for help with one of their projects.

The premise was simple enough: pose a question to other creatives, and create a project…

Matt Busher

Inquisitive, analytical design.

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