1. I thought both of these stories are really interesting. I read The Glass Castle as my summer reading book. absolutely loved it. My favorite part of the book is how she describes her father. Her parents in general are just so different, but then again, they have the same morals as my parents. And I liked how Stephen King described his babysitter.

2. My earliest memory is throwing a tantrum in the Toddler’s Room at A Mother’s Touch. Brianna, was her name. When I was younger I had periodic weeks/months of having a “favorite color.” During those times I would only wear that certain color, and I was prepared to fight if I didn’t get my way, as my Dad loves to say. Both my parents worked and my Mom would leave before my Dad, so he would have to get me ready every morning. Let’s just say that the pictures of me during that time have been hidden…I used to have crazy curly hair and my Dad didn’t know what to do with me! Also, I was a daddy’s girl, so how could he say no to me when I wanted to wear an all purple outfit? I looked ridiculous. Anyways, in the Toddler’s Room, me and my best friend (for the week, that is) was Brianna. We were playing with the Barbies and of course I had to the one with the purple top, because that was my color. As I was trying to explain this, she told me “you don’t own the color purple.” The next thing I knew, I was grabbing the Barbie out of her hand and screaming. We both were quickly told to go to Ms. Steven’s room. We knew we were in a lot of trouble. I remember she told me, “I’m so sorry you can have the Barbie!! I don’t want to go to jail.” We both looked down and held hands to Ms. Steven’s room. By the time we got there, she was so impressed we were in for the yelling, and trouble together, that she rewarded us with doughnut holes.

When my Mom came to pick me up, Brianna’s mom and her were talking to the teacher. We went up to them, and Brianna was holding the Barbie with the purple shirt. The last thing I remember is my Mom laughing, “Damn, Mira must’ve been really scared of going to Ms. Steven’s room!”

Then I exclaimed, “Did you just say the D-word???!” But that’s another story…

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