“He won. Get over it!”
“Why can’t you just move on?”
“Why can’t we all get along?”
We’re here to right the wrongs the right seeks to prolong.
We’re here to dismantle the swamp they move to install.
We’re here to better ourselves and each other,
And if that makes us bitter sore losers, so be it.
Because the battle’s just barely begun
And the war isn’t something we want to have won;
It’s what we wish to prevent.
After mountains of progress we’ve spent so long to get,
To watch it all crumble at the hands of a despot,
That none of us even elected,
That hasn’t the faintest idea what a fact is — 
It’s not bitter, it’s vital. 
Our lives are not a recital.
Our country is not a stage.
Our government is not entitled to mandate we each of us behave according to their wishes.
When they act in their own self interests,
We resist.
We cling to democracy.
We speak out in droves.
We march down each road.
We stand up and shout,