What you describe about scientific papers is something I’ve also seen as an employee of a “learning…

Hahaha I sure think there’s no dorito guy sneering at us, dude (though if there is, yes, fuck that guy). It could be any combination of reasons. I think the guys who write these tutorials might themselves not be confident enough in their ability when compared to other people in the developer community, so they try to ‘show off’ their flair through assumptions and extra jargon. In a world where everyone is trying to gain approval and be taken seriously by others, lots of superficiality is bound to come out, just like with ‘celebrities’.

As for banks and policy writers and lawyers, you seriously nailed it. I once took a look at some tax law excerpts and my mind was blown. Paragraphs/sentences start and end up their own ass.

Glad you found my tutorial helpful; people like yourself give me encouragement to keep writing them and carry on my little ‘movement’. :)

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