We Killed Our Email List. Here’s What Happened Next.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Last summer, I decided I was sick and tired of playing the “valuable content” game.

Week in, week out — writing emails, in a never-ending attempt to provide valuable content that would turn into sales …

But was all that content really valuable?

The truth is, it wasn’t.

It didn’t create change in readers. It didn’t catalyze transformation. It didn’t generate results. And results are what matter.

It was just content, after all.

So, I stopped.

I stopped investing all my time and energy into the “valuable content” game … and instead, I turned all my attention and all my focus to creating REAL value — transformations with our clients.

(If you had been on our list previously you may or may not have noticed, because we had a ton of autoresponder content set up)

I’ll be honest; not all was smooth sailing. We had some brilliant successes and made some missteps.

But in the process, we — and I — learned a LOT.

And so today I’d like to share some of those lessons with you.

LESSON #1: Magic Comes From the Zone of Genius

I’ve known and loved and used Gay Hendricks’ concept of Zone of Genius for a long time.

But I kept false starting when it came to truly applying MY Genius. Partly because I kept mis-identifying pieces of it. Mostly because I was scared of it.

No longer.

I now know clearly, and claim proudly, that my Zone of Genius is to take what I see working elsewhere, synthesize it down into its base components, and turn it into a framework of understanding that explains it simply and universally.

Jill’s Zone of Genius is to identify, activate, magnify, and amplify beauty and true potential in all things and all beings.

And when we put BOTH of our Genius’ together and apply them in combination with our clients’ Genius, magic happens.

LESSON #2: We Aren’t Here To Solve Problems

Once we learned Lesson #1, it became very clear that our business’ “job” cannot be to solve problems or fix broken businesses.

This flies in the face of all marketing and business building advice that you read online which says that if your business doesn’t solve a problem, it’s not a business.

We learned that this is nonsense.

Our business’ job is to catalyze our clients as they evolve from successful online businesses, into becoming sustainable, world-class, change-making companies.

Or, to put it more simply, our job is to create companies that are “6 star out of 5 star” in every way.

LESSON #3: The Existing Paradigm is Insufficient

If we don’t solve problems … and if all the popular marketing and online business building paradigms say you need to … then it follows that we needed a whole new framework for co-creating results with our clients.

Simply stated, we found that the existing paradigms of how 1:1, small groups, and communities work in the online biz world simply weren’t going to cut it.

  • We needed to create communities that weren’t about asking questions, but were about creating forward movement.
  • We needed to create small groups that weren’t about getting advice, but were about making decisions.
  • And we needed to create a container where 1:1 work wasn’t about getting expert help, but was about co-creating new realities.

LESSON #4: Focusing On Growth Creates Growth

The culmination of Lessons #1 through #3 was, in the end, quite simple:

When we do these things (and only these things!) everything changes.

Our clients not only get out of burnout, earn more, make more, work less, develop all-star teams, spend more time in Zone of Genius, and generally solve all of the “problems” that they may have thought they had …

But they begin to become the standard-bearers of how world-class, change-making companies can be.

And so, with all that being said, we are — today — officially taking all of those lessons and opening up our newly updated and expanded Foundation program.

🎉 Ta-Da! 🎉

It takes the very best elements of ALL the ways we’ve worked with clients over the past 2 years … everything that actually created value (aka results) for our clients …

And assembles it into a new paradigm, a new package, and a new way of working with us to create your 6-out-of-5-star company.

You can learn more about who it’s for, what it’s about, and how it works here, if you’d like: Introducing Foundation (PDF)

What’s Next For The List?

Well, the above was sent out via email the other day …

And now I’m just going back to what works; staying focused on doing what I know creates true value and results — working with our clients.

As such, we won’t be producing or sending out “valuable content” via email for the foreseeable future.

We may send emails when we have important announcements to make such opportunities to work with us. I expect that will be infrequent, and possibly even rare.

But subscribers should expect that any future emails will be promotional, rather than ‘quote-unquote valuable’.

Otherwise, I’ll be continuing to explore ideas and letting my Zone of Genius do its thing with clients … and here on Medium, as the “spirit moves”. Not as marketing, not to make sales, and definitely not to “be valuable” but just because I can.