I’d always heard that “entrepreneurship is lonely.”

I don’t know that I ever really understood it …

Until I did.

”Lonely”, I thought, is when no one wants to play with you on the playground.

“Lonely” is when your best friend goes away for a week in summer and it feels like for.ev.er until you get to see them again.

“Lonely” is going to a new school and seeing all the other kids in their groups and you stand outside and don’t have a group to go into.

I always thought that’s what loneliness was.

But that feeling of being…

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Have you said this before?

  • “Shouldn’t it be easier by now?”
  • “I’m burning out”
  • “I need to try something different”
  • “I can’t keep doing this”

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Almost every online business owner experiences this.

For successful service providers, it usually hits between $300k-500k.

If you’ve got a successful 1-to-many model, you can often get up to $1m or so before this REALLY hits.

But regardless of the exact number, it’s at this point you have a choice.


(A) Make a big change. New business model, new product, new message or a new way of…

It does not have to take decades to build an empire.

You do not have to spend years gradually increasing your revenue.

You do not have to invest months of effort to make your work scalable.

You do not have to take SLOW for an answer.

If you WANT to go fast …

Strip out the complexity.

Ditch the multi-phase plan to build out a complicated model with offers for people at different stages of the customer journey.

Skip the 6 months to “build a podcast,” or “build your list,” or get more “visible”.

I KNOW you are doing these…

It all started when I was on vacation.

I was kicking back and relaxing when I found my mind wandering around to work.

(This was the point of the vacation where my brain was like, “Okay! Enough time off! Let’s get back to having fun!” Yes. My brain associates work with fun)

Anyway, I was reflecting on the work we do with our private clients, to get them from $30k, $50k, $70k per month across the $100k per month mark sustainably and with their sanity intact.

And as I was thinking about it, a thought occurred to me that hadn’t ever really occurred to me before.

I realized…

As in, it’s all about ADDING people to your team so you can SUBTRACT the things off your plate that you no longer want to do.

This is great, and it is my recommended hiring model for those who are at $300k, or $500k … some people can even get to a million or $1.2m this way!

If you are in the low-6-figures range, then hiring people to take over the work you don’t really want to be doing is the best way to increase your capacity so you can take on more clients.

(Which, by the way, is one…

There’s no other word to describe it.

I sat there, in her office, as she berated me for the report I had so carefully spent my hours crafting.

“I don’t want to call you stupid …”

“But it sure doesn’t show much intelligence to think this would be okay.”

I remember what it felt like, to sit there, in that office … fighting back the tears.

Feeling lower than the lowest low.

Feeling worthless.

Feeling like I had tried SO HARD to do everything right … how could it have possibly done so wrong?

Looking back on it, that was…

Imagine there’s a tree in your garden.

Not just any tree, but a beautiful tree that is the focal point of the entire garden.

Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash

Perhaps it’s a bonsai tree or a topiary. Perhaps it’s more architectural, or a gnarled old knotted tree … …

Whatever you’re imagining, you have a vision of what this tree looks like as it matures:

How it will look, how it will draw the eye, how it will “complete” the whole garden and make the whole thing “sing”.

Now, over time, the tree will grow.

New branches will sprout out, new leaves are borne, new…

In the online business industry, folks talk a lot about creating ripple effects with their work.

It’s as though every client we touch, every life we impact, is like a pebble thrown into a lake. The main impact is on the client themselves, but the effects extend out — into their relationships, their lives, their world.

For a long time, this was how I viewed my work.

I believed that my work was designed and intended to continue creating splashes with individual clients — and then to create bigger and bigger ripple effects.

That over time, I’d build a team — maybe bring on people to help me deliver the product…

When you look at your business, what do you see?

I’ll tell you what I see.

I see you, there, standing atop the mountain.

Surveying all you’ve built, and all you’ve done.

Photo by Lucas Clara on Unsplash

You’ve had a lot of fun with it. It’s everything you ever thought it could be, and more.

And yet …

And yet, underneath it all, there is a feeling of pressure starting to build. Of responsibility, of expectation, of restriction.

You’ve been so focused on how you GOT to where you’re at, that it’s hard to see what comes next.

You know you want more … to be free ……

When the whole “online business” craze first started, it came with a pretty simple promise:

Make loads of money, from anywhere, by doing what you love.

Photo by James Connolly on Unsplash

In the years since then, the industry has evolved and things are much more sophisticated now (or at least, more complicated).

Marketing funnels, tripwires, upsell products, team building, evergreen webinar strategies …

Ten years ago, these simply weren’t the sorts of things that people were overly worried about.

Along the way, the promises have become bigger and bigger (seven-figures is the new six!) — the underlying message hasn’t changed much:

More money, more freedom…

Breanne Dyck

Lego addict. Latent Latinist. Board game geek. Founder of mnibconsulting.com —helping transform online entrepreneurs into owners of change-making companies.

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