Chase the Good

Announcing the new On Point

Matthew Nichols
Jan 31, 2017 · 3 min read

I work in politics to support my hunting habit.

That’s been my social media profile for as long as I can remember. Don’t get me wrong, working in politics is great. For over a decade, I’ve operated in (at least) 19 states in more races than I can count. I’m fortunate to say I’ve had way more successes than failures, and some damn good stories to go with them regardless. In 2009, things were going well enough that I opened my own consultancy. My brother Spencer and best friend Brian Athey added their skill sets shortly after, and for the last few years we’ve been doing good work for our clients. Good enough in fact for our digital business was just acquired by a firm in Charleston, South Carolina. Our new office has a brewery in it…so even on bad days, work doesn’t suck. But I digress.

To define my company, I latched on to the old campaign term “birddog it”, and using my German Shorthaired Pointer Jax as a mascot, On Point was born. With me living in South Carolina and my partners in Texas and Louisiana, most of our work happened remotely and in our own lanes. So in 2012, we started making trips out to west Texas for dove season to unplug from our day to day grinds and connect to a greater good.

I’m a Marine Corp veteran and avid outdoorsman, so I’m out in the woods with my dog every chance I get. My brother and Brian, not so much. But over the years, I’ve loved watching what these hunting trips bring out in them. It’s fellowship, camaraderie, and a chance to let loose and have fun the way we all wish we had more time to do.

That’s when we realized together, that more than we were chasing a deadline, or a client goal, or even a win, we were chasing those moments. Those times to connect with nature and friends that reset us. That we’d remember for the rest of our lives.

After that first trip to West Texas, we started making our hunting trips an annual event. Then bi-annual. Then as often as we could get together. We invited our friends out, our colleagues, our dads. One day, we’ll take our sons.

We feel like everyone has those pursuits. When people say they “work to live”, it’s that living part that they’re talking about that we’re chasing. It might not be in a dove field. It might be in the workshop, or at the gym, or even in a lawn chair on the back porch. Everyone is looking for a little good in their lives.

I’m excited to announce the next evolution of our company. Brian, Spencer, and I invite you to visit our new website, and watch our first short movie, West Texas Holiday.

While you’re at it, we hope you’ll follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as we continue this adventure. Share your stories and photos with us with the hashtag #chasethegood.

West Texas Holiday, 2016 in front of Brian’s King Ranch