Last week on Thursday afternoon I had the pleasure of being part of an amazing workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. It was done at the Heinrich and Boll foundation in Parklands.

It was an amazing platform i must say.

There were participants from different universities and colleges who attended it.

the topic of the workshop was “How might we better prepare all learners for the needs of tomorrow by re-imagining higher education?” Society has argued that post-secondary education is one of the best investments a person can make, serving as a gateway to social mobility and economic opportunity. however, in this day and age, the higher education curriculum is not well defined.

We brainstormed on how best we can help prepare all learners for this higher education right from when they are in primary or even secondary schools

Various people who attended the meeting.

The meeting was led by my very good friend Argie Muriuki [I’ve known her since primary school so i’m allowed to be biased :-)]

Look at how busy she looks.

We started off the workshop with a couple of games to liven up the atmosphere, at the beginning the game we played was called acceleration introduction. here, we got to know each other. it lasted for about 20 minutes. it was a very challenging game at first but we soldiered on.

From there, we started on the brain storming. we listed down various challenges that university students face in their learning. the problems included: incompetent lecturers, non defined curriculum, non practicality in the teaching mechanisms, some students are forced into courses that they aren’t passionate about e.t.c

Clearly, us as students face a lot of challenges as we adapt in university or campus. thus, this is a huge problem that needs to be tackled.

we came up with a lot of ideas, i’ll mention just but a few. they include: project implementation, developing a child’s skills right from when they are toddlers, career mentoring, etc .

one of the participants,Lisa, said “we are in a bottle neck system, we need to foster a society of creativity and innovation”

just but a few of the ideas we came up with

what i loved about this workshop was that it was very informative, encouraged team work and every one aired out their opinions. i also enjoyed the atmosphere all around. we also did the second half of the meeting outdoors. How fun is that? :-)

OH!!!!!I ALMOST FORGOT!!There were refreshments and snacks. Being the foodie that I am, how could i not mention that! there was four o’clock tea, coffee, warm milk as per one’s choice. they also served us with some cakes that were so delicious.

look at us munching!

well, after a whole afternoon of brainstorming, i’d say that was an afternoon well spent. i got to meet new people, and listen to great ideas. thumbs up to the facilitators, Isaac Jumba and Argie Muriuki. you’re doing an amazing job!

only thing that i’d request is next time, more time please, the time allocated was simply not enough.