“Hello Darkness my old friend…”

Image: Melissa Pletscher-Nizinsky

The pain is tremendous and all consuming, engulfing the heart, searing the flesh with its flames of rejection and hate.

“We are not rejecting you,” they will matter-of-factually state. “You are ours. We love you. Can you not see this? Understand this?”

They cannot know the heart resides in us all. There is no difference, no separateness.

The pain of one is the pain of all, but to acknowledge that is to take on unimaginable depths of pain.

To acknowledge that is to allow the heart to be shredded, to be pierce and decimated.

To acknowledge that is to engulf ourselves in the pain of the world, accepting it as our own- as the victim as as the perpetrator.

To be the nine year old’s body as it is torn asunder by the trusted male on top of her.

To be the trusted male as his body penetrates the soft flesh of the nine year old.

If the heart could scream, it would shatter the eardrums of the world with its anguish cries for mercy.