America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet
Caitlin Johnstone

Cait, would you please consider devoting a bit of time to a piece about the word, ‘collusion?’ Research has shown it’s a word closely related to business in a business context, and all businesses collude, including our president’s. But collusion may or may not be illegal. The use of this word is curious to me because it’s either brilliant or dumb, I can’t decide. Brilliant in the conflation because Trump (and ever other successful businessperson) is certainly guilty of previous collusions which serve to presuppose guilt, dumb because I believe ‘collaboration’ is the correct word for what insane people mean Trump is guilty of but won’t use the proper word because… Reasons? It’s somewhat of an arcane word, not well understood, a bit vague, and I’m very curious as to how and why it was chosen to be (mis)used in this situation. Anyway, would you please look into it and write about what you find?

Also, I just read the hit piece Seamus linked and must add my congratulations on your arrival in the big leagues. I left a similar comment for Dore when WaPo smeared him. It’s the greatest compliment the Empire can give: acknowledgement that you are now a thorn in their sides. You are worthy of disdain, even when they must manufacture it themselves. And Litvin banged on for a FULL page about you!! You are more a threat than Dore or Lee Camp will ever be, judging by the vitriol! Well! Fucking! Done!


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