It seems to be a long-held belief that Facebook listens to our conversations.

I have spoken to dozens of people who are genuinely convinced that Facebook (or sometimes Google but usually Facebook) is listening in on their calls, identifying the content of their conversation and selling the information to the highest bidder.

You have probably heard something like the following claim many times:

I was talking on the phone to my sister about nappies and now I see nappies ads every time I log onto Facebook. It’s like someone has spied on me or something.

First and foremost if, like…

2018 was another great year for reading.
I’ve achieved my goal of 25 books with practically zero effort.

These are my favourite 5 books I’d highly recommend anyone for the next year.
(You can see my list for 2017 here)

The Intelligent Investor

Get this book on AmazonRead my notes — Score: 9/10

Written in 1971, The Intelligent Investor contains timeless wisdom about how to invest intelligently. It’s a wide-ranging book, covering such topics as portfolio policy, asset allocation, inflation, diversification, market fluctuation, dividends, and of course Graham’s famous margin of safety. It’s definitely not a light read but it’s a…

One of the most common mistakes tech entrepreneurs (especially first-time ones) make is to charge too little. I believe this mistake has two explanations.

To start with, most people feel uncomfortable asking for money. We are not brought up to ask for money and in many cultures it’s actually considered quite rude.

The second reason is that, whereas offline we have solid benchmarks to price things (everyone knows how much an ice-cream or a mug cost), online we are often left to our gut instinct. What is the cost of an invoice software? A software bug-tracker? …

A couple of months ago, for fun and for a challenge, I set for myself the goal of learning React and the serverless architecture.

Luckily for me, the Serverless Stack came to my rescue.

The Serverless Stack tutorial is designed to teach you what is Serverless (and AWS Lambda in particular) and guides you through the creation of a simple note-taking app. Frank Wang (@fanjiewang) & Jay V (@jayair) have done an amazing job in creating a step-by-step tutorial that is easy to follow, clear and rich in explanation.

But now I digress. I’ve had an idea for a long…

When you’re building a new product or feature you should stay away from people who speak “positive” feelings. People who tell you your product is “cool” or “fun” are not your best customers. This is not problem-speak.

One of your priorities when building a new product or feature is making sure that you’re not wasting your time. But how do you that? The best way is to listen to how your customers or potential ones talk about the problem and the solution.

Your best customers will be people for whom the specific problem you’re trying to fix is a Tier-1…

Humans love hacks, tricks and tips. We spend an incredible amount of time reading about how other people have been able to achieve what they have achieved. We want to believe that there is a simple solution behind very complex problems and if we know it, we can have it easy.

We also love anecdotes. An anecdotal argument is when somebody uses a personal experience or an isolated example instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence.

You probably encounter anecdotes all the time, because that’s how most people argue: since they know very little about a specific issue but…

Find out how referrals made Current become the buzziest Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) of 2018.

Current is a new app that lets users access all their favourite streaming services from the same place. It employs a cryptocurrency token — called CRNC — that rewards members for streaming via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and other popular services. In return for their time, money spent and data shared, the user gets currency to spend on premium streaming subscription services.

By the end of its ICO on February 7th, Current had reached its goal of selling 350,000,000 CRNC tokens. In the process, it raised $36 million and earned a hype rating of “Very High” on ICO Drops.


If you want to know what this is about, read this post first.

  1. A post-it that changes its colour according to the time elapsed (eg: it turns red if I’m late with that task).
  2. Reading first thing in the morning whilst having breakfast allows me to both read my book faster and eat my breakfast slower.
  3. Every month save the best 3–5 photos so that at the end of the year I can easily make an album for my family.
  4. Netflix should have an option to see a recap of the previous episodes at any time.
  5. A meditation app for kids.

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If you want to know what this is about, read this post first.

  1. A tool that keep tracks of ALL the newsletters one has and even offers some analytics (eg: how many read per week, most read, etc).
  2. Teenagers should have a mandatory 1 year gap where they must work on at least 4–5 side projects to develop entrepreneurial skills.
  3. A device that makes perfect scrambled eggs in a few seconds.
  4. Statistics should be taught in school. Pupils should not leave school until they have an understanding of the difference between correlation and causation.
  5. Politicians should not be allowed to report facts, but only opinions. Professional journalists with advanced fact-checking tools should be the only ones allowed to report facts.

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If you want to know what this is about, read this post first.

  1. Imagine you are going to Paris. I’m sure you know somebody who have a friend who could offer you a bed for 1 or 2 nights. I wonder if a service can be made that find THAT friend easily.
  2. People who don’t flight regularly should be in a separate queue in airports.
  3. 99Designs for copy and content marketing.
  4. A fingerprint access technology for doors in the house.
  5. A wristband that checks your blood alcohol concentration level and put you to sleep when you go over the legal threshold.

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