Local bike shop

Aldrin Pelicano
Dec 3 · 2 min read

Local bike shops are but an integral part of the bike industry and community everywhere. I only learned about this when I shopped for my first bike as an adult five year ago — when I had enough of traffic congestion and reporting late for work almost everyday.

The experience going to a local bike shop does differ in every place. Some are good, few not so okay.

After two years of commuting on my first folding bike (and getting cleared by my Chief Financial Officer aka wife), I bought my second folding bike from TryOn Bicycle Shop in Makati.

It wasn’t the obvious choice at first since I live in Pasig but it soon proved to be providential after getting a job offer in Ayala CBD a month after.

Their 40 years (and counting) of service to the bicycling community of Makati and nearby areas is certainly a feel-good story of resilience and passion, in a supposedly unfriendly place for bicyclists and enthusiasts such as Metro Manila.

Their shop won’t appeal to those who look for chic airconditioned almost corporate-like bike shops. Their staff and bike mechanics may look your long-lost pinsan and Tiyo but they know their craft all too well.

And that’s how they have built and continues to sustain their business and love for the community, through honest-to-goodness service, quality products, and love for bicycling in the city.

Read their story as shared by Teammanila Lifestyle in 2015 — http://teammanilalifestyle.com/2015/07/24/tryon-bikes-progress-through-time/

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