Tech Tip 093 — Check files and weblinks for viruses

Should you receive an email with a weblink or attachment that makes you suspicious, trust your gut instincts. Don’t open the attachment or click on the weblink without checking its validity first. Virustotal is an essential website for checking files and URLs for viruses.

You can download an email attachment (but don’t open it) to your desktop computer, then drag and drop it onto the Virustotal webpage. It will scan the downloaded (but not opened!) file against a number of online virus checkers and give you results in seconds.

Same goes for potentially harmful weblinks in your email. Right-click and copy (don’t left-click and open) the weblink in your email and paste it in the URL tab in Virustotal. It will check the weblink for you so you don’t risk your personal computer security.

Originally published at 100 Tech Tips.

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