5 easy steps to design thinking

Trying to solve problems can be difficult. especially with no clue where to begin. When finding ways to solve others problems; you must first understand that particular person. This blog will give you insight on how to better yourself, when helping others.

Step 1: Empathize

Empathizing with those you are designing for key. In this case empathy is meant by observing, engaging, and experiencing what others are going through. This helps you learn about things or ways that may help them.

Step 2: Define

Focus. Understand others and use that understanding to craft your point of view. Design a unique vision to help.

Step 3: Ideate

Flare. Explore a wide variety of solution ideas. You have transitioned from identifying the problem to exploring possible solutions.

Step 4: Prototype

Anything in physical form. This is the moment you take those ideas from your head and creating a setting to use them. Prototypes should be rough, but also an element to experience and interact. Leave room for improvements.

Step 5 : Test

Testing is not the finished project. You test to receive feedback and to better the design. It is also a way to continue to understand others.

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