How to deposit and invest on

Invest on is very simple. It’s actually a one step process, but here we will elaborate in detail for new users that has not been familiar with our platform.

Please follow the steps below

An address will be provided to you at the right panel. Copy the address; see picture below

Go back to website and refresh the page or click Deposit button again to load the deposit history. It’s now showing “confirming” status

After block confirmations reached, the status changes to “confirmed” and your balance is updated. If you don’t see your balance, refresh the page

With the amount of your deposit is credited into your account, you are automatically join in masternode or staking pool depends on the type of your coin you choose. No further step is needed. When new reward comes you will receive reward instantly according to the portion of your coin against the collateral amount

You can also check the masternode number and status on Masternodes page.

Also you can check your rewards in Payout History page. Filter by coin you want to see the list of your rewards.

Happy investing :)



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