The Largest Legal Mining Compound Launch in Russia

Hi! We are Minery ( We mine cryptocurrency and we are building the largest complex of legal crypto mining facilities in Siberia — the coldest region of Russia.

Minery is a turnkey mining solution with a capacity of 55 Megawatts, powered by the cheapest and legal electricity in Russia. It is the largest hotel for your mining equipment with unprecedented favorable mining conditions (electricity rates from 0.04 USD kWh, which is one of the lowest rates in the world, and maintenance fee 0.03 USD kWh thanks to our own service center).

Our mining facilities are located in the Irkutsk region, where the average annual temperature is –2°C. These climate conditions allow us to use highly effective heat transfer and cooling system for the miners and ultimately reduce hosting expenses. The project fully relies on the renewable energy from the high-pressure hydroelectric power stations. Our partner and power supplier is Bratsk Electric Grid Company, JSC (BEGC) which supplies Siberia with electricity for more than 42 years.

For that reason all MNRY tokens are backed by real electrical power. Each MNRY token entitles its holder to using 1 Watt of Minery power and allows using our Mining complex rent-free for 30 years.

So, we have high capacities, perfect location, cheapest and legal electricity. Now, we want to share it with you and help other investors, miners and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to organise and scale their mining business simply and conveniently. Just as we did for ourselves :) We are inviting everyone to join our Pre-ICO and take advantage of our best conditions for profitable crypto mining.