For them that will, ways are not wanting - Part 1 ( The President’s Election)

This is going to be a large story divided into many small parts.

In the vast universe, there is a solar system good enough to support life on its planets. The uniqueness of this solar system is that, there is a planet called Lin revolving around its sun. There are five equal shaped and weighed planets around this planet in a perfect pentagon. The combined mass of those five planets is half of that of Lin. The planets are named as Yi, Er, Sa, Ci and Wu.

The whereabouts of the planet Lin are unknown. There is life on all the five small planets. Only one species of multicellular organisms called Homo sapiens or simply called Humans are surviving there. The atmosphere does not have any oxygen present in it. Oxygen is available only indoors.The houses or other buildings people live in are sealed to prevent any leakage of oxygen. People travel from one place to another place in fully autonomous Hydrogen fuel powered cars which just float in air. There will be ducts to the houses to which cars will be fixed to allow people to and fro. There is nothing called cuisines. The daily three meals of every person includes water and capsules which contain carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Most of the redundant jobs like sales, cleaning, maintenance and security were done by robots. The jobs which need some intellect and thinking like administration, research and robot maintenance are left to humans. On those planets every one is named with a seven character code in which the first character will be the first letter of their planet name. An artificial intelligent assistant will be assigned to everyone just after their birth. That AI will be specific to each person. The AI grows along with the person to whom it belongs. It stores all the data of that person and modifies itself accordingly. During the childhood of a person, it acts as a guardian in the well mental development of the child. The AI is omnipresent, it will be inside home, inside car, in the toys everything that is connected to the planet wide mesh network. The is no such thing called Internet. Everything is interconnected. People use a portable computing system around the dimensions of an A4 size paper called Handover rolled around their hands. When required they roll out the P-OLED (Plastic Organic LED) touch display like a scroll. The touch display has everything at a tap away. All the persons’ bio and data about the planets will be available. If required it can project 3D holograms.

Since administration is by humans, every planet has a president who is elected by a traditional paper ballot system. All others in administration department will be appointed through a series of tests.

Today is the day of results for presidential election on planet Er. E836AJ6, the favourite of the president candidates is expecting the results of the election with anxiety and relief. Anxiety because of becoming president and relief because of getting to know the answer of long awaiting question. If elected she will be the youngest president ever at the age of 26. When the results were announced, a little smile escaped from the youngest president. She sat on chair and began thinking about how her quest for the small doubt led her to this position.

It was 12 years ago when a little girl went to her mom and asked why the travel to the planet Lin is banned. Her mother who even herself don’t know about it failed to answer. She could not tell her child that even discussing about the planet Lin in public is prohibited. The child asked the same question to many, but never got an answer. With the determination to know she started searching in all the resources available. Through her years of deep search, she came to know that there are some secrets related to planet Lin which are known only to the president and some noble authorities. The secret never spreads but confined to them since ages. The day she came to know that, she decided to become the president. The nobles will be nominated through the blood line, so her only option to know the secret is to become president. Since that day she moved with only one motive towards her goal.

Two days after she swore as president, there was a meeting of the council of presidents of the five planets. In that meeting the presidents revealed to the new president that there is a secret which lives among the presidents. Every president when elected will get to know the secret and when their term is over the president’s memory about that will be wiped. This is to ensure that secret remains to only few people and doesn’t disintegrate with time. They said she will be given 2 days time to know completely about their original history. For that she will be confined in a completely sealed room with all required food and other amenities. She went inside the dark room. The room got illuminated when the doors closed. There in the centre of room she saw a table with a big book on it. She was going towards her destination thinking that two days is too much for her to finish the book.

The president took the book in her hand, it is a laminated manuscript written on normal paper. She with a sense of pride and satisfaction opened the book.