Ralph Memoir

Hello All,

I wanted to share my experience of my night yesterday. It’s such an astonishing thing to happen which I felt is worth sharing.

Last night around 9 pm, after my dinner. I had a walk and went to the terrace to sleep. I made up my bed slept on it and stared into the dark night sky. The sky is too dark as if I had a blanket wrapped around me from far away. And there are very few stars as it rained recently and even the moon is hiding inside the blanket and I can’t see him.

I was continuously staring into the deep sky, got involved, and forgot my surroundings. I have seen a small star far away, very far away in the dark blanket and I noticed that it is becoming clearer to me. I thought it is due to my concentrated vision, but within a fraction of seconds, it became the size of the moon. Now I realized it has nothing to do with my vision, and from that star, another small light started to fall on the earth. It is gradually coming towards me, it appeared to me like a falling comet that drew its crossed path with light. I was too excited, in a fraction of second many thoughts crossed my mind, maybe it gives me supernatural powers, or it might be an alien who came to explore earth or a portal opening to the multiverse. As it is falling down my excitement increased, and I stood from my bed. Stood tall looking up into the sky, I stretched both my hands before me to catch it. It seems like a very small object, and it fell into my hands.

I immediately shook my hands away, as it is too hot, literally it is covered with smoke. It fell and it looked like a book. The outer part of the book is in pure purple color, it is too much fascinating as I have not seen such a color in my entire life. Through that smoke I can see, there were many things written on the top cover, with the little knowledge I have I can see it is something written in different languages. I waited until the smoke disappeared and lifted the book. Took it into my hands and opened the book to see what was inside. I have a gut that it’s not an evil book. The page which I opened was empty, I browsed through all the pages, but the entire book was empty. I was upset and threw the book aside.

But later a thought pumped into my mind, that a book that too from a star fell on the earth, it should not be empty. There should be something I need to do to read it. So, I again went near the book, took it up, and started examining it.

On the top of the book, there are around 3900 words written and I cannot even understand most of them. I started searching if I can understand anything and I have seen English as a word. And I kept on searching and found Telugu in Telugu literature written down and then Tamil in Tamil written, Hindi written in Hindi, and so on.

I thought it is to select the language as we do on our mobile, so I clicked on English, but nothing happened. I double-clicked on it, but it did not work. Recently I was using a lot of tinder so thought swiping might work and swiped on English and it glowed in white.

I opened the book with excitement and now I can see words written in English.

To be continued, in the next episode — will be published by next Saturday.



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