The digital media effect of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool FC

With the announcement of Jurgen Klopp as new Liverpool FC manager a new era has begun at Anfield.

Although we do not know yet if he will succeed in bringing new trophies to Liverpool, what we can already see is the enormous impact that the announcement has had in the media and how the club is taking advantage of this by amplifying the ¨Klopp effect¨ across its digital channels. His arrival at Anfield has received a massive following internationally and it was, by far, the most “retweeted” among all previous new managerial announcements.

LFC is mindful on how to manage this monumental media response to promote the club’s brand accordingly. Having followed Klopp’s arrival at LFC over the past days, below we will outline several ways the club leveraged the expectation to promote the LFC brand.


1. Building hype and creating expectation: the club uploaded a video of the new manager’s first LFC interview even earlier than his official presentation, building hype and creating expectation for both the media and the fans alike across all LFC digital channels.

2. Promoting LFCTV subscriptions: The first interview with the German manager was aired on LFCTV, with the aim of driving traffic and promoting new subscriptions to the club’s TV channel.

3. Keeping the conversation alive: With the hash tag #KloppLFC, fans continued to share their views and opinions on social media several days after the announcement was made official.

4. Leveraging the Asian market: Understanding the commercial importance of this region the club took advantage by driving traffic to its international websites. The example below shows how the club used its Facebook page to promote the LFC Indonesian site.

5. Amplification of the LFC brand worldwide: Liverpool FC is one of the most popular clubs around the globe. As a result the news of a new manager signing is bound to have massive appeal. The graph below produced by Result Sport demonstrates the impact that the news had on Facebook across different markets worldwide.

Evidently there has been a lot of hype surrounding the arrival of Klopp at LFC. The club has taken this opportunity to drive online traffic, increase sales, and amplify the brand, however, expectation could rapidly turn into pressure for the new manager if the results don’t accompany him on the pitch.

Written by: Michele Tiozzo, Sports Business Institute Barcelona

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