Imagine this, you create your web app for this new epic idea and you implement the core functionality. The design can come later you think.

Well later is now, you’re gaining traction and getting feedback, the time has come to overhaul or completely recreate your design!

In this article I’ll go over the tools and methods you can use to achieve just that.

I personally fell into this situation with my web app Mylo, a workout management application. As it grew and came into contact with users, issues arose with color contrast, inconsistencies, and more.

Fixing these issues can be…

Knowing how open and free open-source software actually is could help protect you and your work

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I keep reading about all these different licenses in the software world but the truth is I didn’t really grasp what most of them really meant. It was about time to fix that knowledge gap and in the spirit of open-source, I want to share with you a summary of the most popular open-source licenses.

I hope this helps you out as much as it helped me when you decide on a license for your next (or existing) project.

Intro to Licensing

What does it mean to license software?

Simply put, a software license is a legal instrument spelling out exactly what can and can’t be done with software. …

Take client-side storage to the next level with IndexedDB!

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Taking things further

In my previous post we took our Todo list application and upgraded it with support for client-side storage using the localStorage API.

We then went a step further and added Vuex to the app. This let us separate concerns even more and make our storage solution very modular.

In this article, we will once again move forward with our Todo app and implement client-side storage with IndexedDB.

IndexedDB is a lower level client than localStorage but it can store significant amounts of data. Now none of these might sound beneficial for our app, after all it is a very simple…

Keep your user’s data available with or without a connection using Vue and LocalStorage

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No Internet, No Problem

The web is undoubtedly an amazing platform enabling people to communicate, share, and experience things in insane ways that weren’t possible until recently. As web-developers, we have the honor of creating such experiences.

The internet is great but only if you can access it. When you can’t, user’s shouldn’t be permanently deprived of it’s services. One way to solve this is by using Client-Side storage.

Client-Side storage enables users to access their data even when offline, it also serves the double purpose of speeding up interactions. …

Pen and paper worked so well because they never got in your way, let’s assemble a version for today.

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Why even journal?

I can’t make you start journaling regularly but I would like you to at least consider this amazing habit that you might have been missing out on.

Personally, I journal every day because my mind often feels like a jumbled mess and taking things out onto a structured format helps me organize myself and my day. I have had times when I had to face complex thoughts and emotions, for most of my life I advocated just sitting down and thinking things through but it didn’t always suffice.

This article is aimed at developers only because of the proposed solution…

Good code is DRY, good UX is simple. Forms appear all over but how can we reuse them in Vue?

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A project I’m currently working on uses forms quite liberally. There are different forms for each element type that a user can create (4) and another one when editing these same elements.

As I was designing these views I immediately knew that both creation and editing should use the exact same form. From a UX stand point it makes sense, your user has just used a form to create an element, editing it shouldn’t require learning a new form.

That’s where the problem begins. In Adobe XD, reusing a form is a simple as copy-pasting it, but in Vue how…

Raspberry Pi, IFTTT, Dropbox, and a Cron Job will answer the question.

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I live in a place where the power cuts regularly. It usually only happens about twice a day and lasts only a few seconds, it’s become part of daily life here, you get used to it.

But recently, the power went out and stayed out for over 24 hours.

This has happened a few times before, and each time there’s nothing I can do about it. I have to move to a coffee shop or similar to continue working hoping that by the time I return, the power will be too.

I’m sure a lot of people face a similar…

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