Endorsement: Brad Schneider for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in the 10th District

Brad Schneider

Both Brad Schneider and Nancy Rotering would make excellent congressmen, however, Schneider’s command of many issues, and his clear, consistent message gets him this endorsement.

As congressman, Schneider was a champion for progressive values. Supporting the ACA. Supporting the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform. Rotering shares many of the same position, but her inability to have a clear message on a variety of issues hinders her candidacy.

Rotering is a single-issue candidate. Her whole campaign revolves largely around her fight against the NRA in passing a local assault weapons ban, something I agree with. However, there are many more issues where she fails to address the plight of many Americans.

I have some reservations about Schneider though. His apparent flip-flop on the Iran deal worries me. When the deal came out, he opposed the deal, but failed to propose a realistic alternative. I also fear that Schneider’s candidacy will be another $30 million race in the 10th district, and will only continue back and forth, accomplishing nothing.

However, Schneider is able to communicate his positions on myriad issues clearly and thus, is endorsed for the Democratic nomination for the 10th congressional district.