Endorsement: Michael Perillo for Democratic Nominee for Lake County State’s Attorney

Michael Perillo

I first met these candidates when I attended the Avon and Fremont Townships meet the candidates event. From that meeting, I made several initial conclusions. Michael Perillo came off as compassionate, competent and with real reforms that enforce the law, but with a human edge to it.

Perillo told of his previous work as a public defender and as a JAG lawyer at Great Lakes Naval Station. He told of his past run for circuit court, in which he received the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune.

Perillo’s policies that I found particularly admirable was instead of the current system where current lawyers may take employment elsewhere, he would propose banning current lawyers from representing other private cases. If you are a lawyer for the state, that should be your only job.

Perillo plans to reform the current State’s Attorney’s office by creating a task force within the office to help reduce wrongful convictions, something current State’s Attorney Mike Neirheim has been inept at doing. While Perillo can do more to reform the office, his steps are practical and will suffice.

Lastly, Perillo gets my endorsement because of his support for medical marijuana and seeing that it will not bring additional crime, but it may bring other side effects. Perillo describes how he would not focus on increasing marijuana enforcement in Lake county, but go after traffickers and not those with small possession amounts. Instead he would focus on rehabilitation of those who use marijuana.

Matt Stanton, while having significant experience in law, does not receive this endorsement because his main proposal is to ask for the resignation of everyone at the office and decide which ones to keep. I worry that placing this control in the hands of Stanton would lead to patronage and would be grossly inefficient.

Once again, Michael Perillo is endorsed for the Democratic nomination for States Attorney.

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