Stop what you are doing and read this!

Before you can all proceed with this article, let’s all take a moment and say a prayer for Apple oh and Steve Jobs — pretty sure he’s rolling hard in his grave right now trying to figure out where he went wrong.

It looks like creativity has reached its extinction. No one seems to be coming up with any new ideas anymore.. I mean, look at the new iPhone 7, the only major design feature that’s visible compared to iPhone 6 or 6 plus is the hidden headphone jack! Like woah, what an upgrade! Apple has failed tremendously in coming up with new designs for the last 3 generations.

But then again, let’s be honest, The iPhone 7 is predominantly a step forward. These new headphones, the water resistant stuff, battery life, the phone’s durability, performance speed etc. are just awesome! I guess we all need to sit down and applaud Apple for that.

I definitely wouldn’t mind having an iPhone 7 especially since my iPhone 6 was taken away and now surviving on an iPhone 5 that fell in the water a year ago now trying to pull through with a limited life span. I mean, have you seen this phone? the display looks like a black and white tv screen with a hidden squeaking radio buzz. You can barely read any text. This is the stuff you practically get arrested for! So if you see me in Jail, it’s probably because of this.

Can’t stress this enough though, the headphone jack thing sucks! The Lightning adapter sucks even more ( to some extent — when it decides to break ). But as you all know, we have to sacrifice something in order to get something else — If you ask me, I would definitely choose the water resistant capability over the headphone jack since I have very tiny earlobes that never fit Apple’s earphones. — YEAH being selfish again :)

Although a Lightning adapter is included in the iPhone 7 box, I still feel like this is just a way for Apple to make more money from users (Duh!) as those things break easily — as you end up needing to buy a new one within a few months or so (which probably cost no less than 20 euros) unless it’s cable is miraculously made of SPANDEX! It’s perfectly normal to wonder what the cable would look like if it was made of spandex. don’t judge me :D

If you already own an iPhone 7. Please don’t try drilling over it trying to find the hidden headphone jack — it won’t make it magically appear. Instead, if you feel you don’t need it. Just DM me and I will gladly accept your new iPhone 7 — because despite of its imperfections, I still see its perfections :)

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