Recently I came across a strange problem with a Django site deployed on Namecheap’s shared hosting, a pretty standard hosting setup running Apache 2.4 with cPanel access. It’s cost effective and versatile, but at the same time comes with the restrictions of shared hosting, which can make troubleshooting difficult.

The problem I was faced with was that any admin form with an ImageField was producing a 404 error when submitted, with the model instance not being saved. The error only occurred on POST; GET requests worked absolutely fine. Moreover, the same forms were working fine when tested locally, and I…

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Privacy is a fundamental human right, and one that is arguably now more important than ever. We are signing up for new online services every year, each with their own lengthy, constantly-updating privacy policies, and each adding to the number of emails dropping into our inboxes every hour of every day.

With many companies, however, there often seems to be a de facto approach to privacy, in addition to the de jure one specified in the privacy policy. Even if the privacy policy is technically upheld, whether they truly commit to the spirit of it is another story.

de jure…

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