Feeling Motivated

i am a lazy girl. i hate doing things, i like doing nothing. i enjoy my self at social media scrolling timeline , newsfeed or whatever even i dont know what i am looking for.

i used to live alone.and i can say that i am that kind of girl whose being motivated just around another human. it felt weird for me cause i am being a super neat and hard work on doing room-things when my friends were on my room..

you know, as a super lazy girl, my friends really like staying up late or sleepover on my messy room. and because i have such a manner to not let my room being messy all the time especially my friends in there, so i force my self or let’s call it they make me force my self to do cleaning. haha…

is it weird for being motivated around other human?? now i am thinking abt me as a wife. i am single and independent… i used to rule my world alone. i hang out with my buddies often so i forgot how to manage my room. every person who enter my room for the first time will shockingly shock. literally almost everything is everywhere… -____-

now i am thinking abt a husband. i promise my self to be a good wife. cause i know i will make it. he being my only motivation to do cleaning stuff. i think one of the important thing in marriage is how to manage the relationship. for me i will manage it start from how i made our lil home feel safe…

a lot of my friend like to stay in my room, cause it’s homey they say. so by the time, they’re often here. i try to keep my roon comfort…

thanks to them, now i can manage this well… :)

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