i am not supposed to be like this. still thinking about certain person who never think about you. never… it’s not that i still love him. maybe just because i dont have place to escape..

there is no other man i close with since then. he was the last person i really close with a man.. with a feeling

and it’s not that im stil longing for him. no… i just missed the moment when i have somebody to tell everything… to chit chat abt non sense… or when we talk abt your past or my stories all night long.. yeah simply as that

just in case, now he find a girl. life happily with her. im super okay… i’ll make it someday.

and now.. im feeling alone cause nobody’s here. siigh~

i dont close with a man easily. but when i do, sometimes i fall for him..

this is bad. cause i’ll end up sufferring for one sided love… it’s hurt you know..

so let me memorize you… even you’re not there anymore. i know..

yeaaah i miiissed yoou…

maybe this feeling will completely dissapear when there’s another man i can share everything with. falling in love with… and surely i’ll stop searching for you..

but, if you go back searching for me… maybe i’m still here..

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