Comic Book Secrets
Terry Barr

This brought back some great memories. My comic book reading days were mostly during the late 80’s and early 90’s but the great wire racks were still around back then and I use to thumb through them fairly enthusiastically at my local K&B. K&B (Katz and Besthoff) was a great old drug store based out of New Orleans. They’re gone now . . . but not forgotten.

I also used to watch a local UHF horror show (at least I think it was broadcast on a UHF channel) on Saturday nights called Morgus Presents. I’m tempted to show YouTube clips of it to my children . . . but I suspect their preferences are more sophisticated than mine.

Graphic novels are something that I’ve wanted to give some attention but have just never found the time for. I did write about them briefly in a novel I sometimes work on . . .

Character one: What are you reading?

Character two: Batman: Year One. It’s a graphic novel.

Character one: My dear Henry Miller wrote graphic novels. This, [inspects the book cover] Frank Miller fellow writes comic books.

The novel is largely comprised of groan-inducing exchanges like that; which is why I only work on it sometimes.

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