Can I Please Have Your Attention

We are losing the battle in corporate meetings up-and-down the country for access to the intellectual capabilities of our staff colleagues.

As brought on by the actions of millennials we are being influenced and being slowly hypnotised to avoid meaningful deep, and progressive engagements with our office brethren

This is leading to great swathes of lost talented contributions to solving business problems as employees are losing the ability to focus on their business problems or task at hand from the numerous distractions that surround them

From the lure of apps on the increasing BYO devices that organisations are embracing, from the desire to keep abreast of friends status updates on social media platforms to the ongoing bombardment of email messages, our ability to focus on the here and now is being diminished

Research has shown that for every interruptions, our brains require another 15 to 20 minutes to re-engage back to the task in hand.

Society is now becoming accustomed to the ‘soundbite’ approach to social communications and consequently our cognitive powers of concentration and engagement is shrinking. This is to the detriment of the quality of our relationships both personal and professional

There is a duty of care needed from the older generation to show the younger generation the value of deep, ongoing, and rich human interactions which allows them to focus on developing and broadening our wealth of knowledge

The older generation should look to improve their recognition of the encroaching nature of technology to impact their ability to be present with the people they interact with and seek out approaches which aid in their motivation to improve levels of concentration and focus

Do you have trouble focusing on the ‘here and now’ How have you overcome this? Please share your thoughts and comments

Originally published at on January 14, 2016.