There is something interesting to be said about marketing in and of itself; strategy as you point…
Corina Paraschiv

That’s a great question…..You are correct marketing as a whole is to create long lasting relationships with people who share the same values as the brand, and where the brand’s offering solves a problem for them. Brand Marketing specifically is about developing content plans that seed solutions and experience for the audience for a long term growth and harvest. So that is the end game….

There are however short term KPI that also need to be hit in every marketing plan that correlate with sales sales and business objective. These goals usually come to life through campaigns communication…campaigns usually have a number of time in a year, and are one off marketing messages that are a mix between brand marketing and promotional marketing strategies, and can come to life in a number of different tactics.

Example: a business could have a goal to sell $XXX during the holiday period, and they know that Black Friday is a big day for sales. So they will create a special campaign (brand activation plan) just for Black Friday that include touch points in retail, social, email, eComm, etc etc.

You know I can go off on a serious rant from your questions. I am speaking on a panel with “The Entrepeneur’s Journey” on Marketing Strategy next Wednesday if you want to talk in person. ;)

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