I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup
Penny Kim

I went through something similar during the early 2000s (too long a story to go into details). In my case, while the Scott’s Valley company met some payrolls, it missed numerous others. When I filed a claim with the state of Califoria in 2006, I got a short note saying that my claim was valid, but that the state did not have to pursue all violators (and of course they cited a specific statute as evidence). So, DO NOT rely on California to back you on your wage claim. Two years later, that same company went through a no-asset bankruptcy and I lost all claims to my back wages. In fact, there were significant assets and several former employees attempted to argue that fact, but the judge took the CFO’s word and rubber stamped the bankruptcy. Of course, once the bankruptcy was settled, the company started up shortly thereafter, same name, same CEO, and same dubious practices.

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