FullStack Developer Thoughts

Let’s imagine a young student just arrived at the University, maybe Computer Science. He would be received by a lot of teachers. These teachers probably have already a master degree in some specific area like Algorithms or Formal Languages and they’re used to teach within “their area”.

Now let’s say that same student had an intense soccer game with some class mates and after the game it seems that his knee will gonna explode. He goes to the closest hospital and there he will be received by a lot of doctors. These doctors probably have already a formal specialization in some area and they will receive patients within “their area”.

Let’s say also that our student resolves to found a company with a revolutionary product he has created within the lab and before tell everybody about it they need some legal orientation. Then he looks for a lawyer. Probably specialists in criminal situations won’t help a lot because they will be acting out of “their area”.

Feeding our imagination a little bit more think if in our student’s place we had a modern tech company with open jobs. We’ll probably see some announces like: “FullStack Teacher”, “Senior FullStack Doctor” and “FullStack Lawyer allowed to work in US”.

Despite believing that it would be possible find a FullStack Doctor I’m afraid that it would be really hard. In case his name would be Doctor House. Probably you and I would prefer, for a heart treatment, the cardiologist instead the neurologist that has became a FullStack Doctor.

Probably you would prefer the long experienced teacher in IA to teach you IA, a criminal lawyer if you’re in troubles with the police, the civil engineer for building your house and so on.

(…) To a certain extent, medical practitioners have always been specialized. According to Galen, specialization was common among Roman physicians. The particular system of modern medical specialities evolved gradually during the 19th century. Informal social recognition of medical specialization evolved before the formal legal system (…)

That’s why specialties give us a sense of security. Security that you’re hiring a professional that is used with that scenario and can handle and/or anticipate details. A professional that in complex situations would be prepared to react not a professional just used with the tools.

I’ve being taking a look in some open tech jobs and there are a lot of great opportunities but some of them are a bit confuse. It’s usual to find open positions for frontend and fullstack developers. However if we look closely we’ll see that in many cases fullstack actually means a backend developer with some small experience in Javascript (read jQuery).

Considering how difficult it would be for a FullStack Doctor I was expecting here an “incredible senior ninja master super developer”. Not an usual backend developer plus jQuery. For me fullstack concept is close the genius concept. Like Isaac Newton was (yes… I’ve exceeded myself).

Furthermore in my opinion a developer that is used with frontend issues is not necessarily prepared to act as a backend developer and vice-versa. Of course that after NodeJS rising this is easier but there is much more beyond the language to handle.

What if we take a web backend developer to work in the backend side of a game engine? The language could be the same, like Java or Python, but the kind of issues are different and in some cases really different involving strong Math/Physics, for example.

Drug Dealer with quick experience in Chemistry and Senior Chemist

I’m not against the idea of fullstack developers. Maybe I just do not agree with the term itself. Indeed I really appreciate the idea of multi skills. In the worst case it make easier for integrating teams.

I’m just arguing that become specialist in some part of development is still important for both developers and companies and I believe that fullstack teams are easier to achieve and make possible, both parts again, to move faster around upcoming technologies.