In a culture running out of ideas, the new Young Legionnaire album has something to say— even if it’s just goodbye

“Man’s guilt in history and in the tides of his own blood has been complicated by technology, the daily seeping falsehearted death” ~Don DeLillo, ‘White Noise’

Do you know what the end of something is like? Have you felt your belief in what’s right growing in concert with a shrinking…

What happens between the ear, the heart, and the memory

As part of my podcast series ‘Exploded Drawing’ — which is about music from the 90s — I recently sat down with great relish to discuss Mansun’s second album Six with Transgressive Records co-founder Tim Dellow.

Admittedly, the exercise of picking a particular era of music as a starting point…

If we all have a voice, who’s actually being heard?

“Deep down inside you know, everybody wants to love big companies…” The Fall, ‘New Puritan’ — Peel Session, September 1980.

Scientists say that punk was not ‘a revolution’ in music, and much as I admire science for its ceaseless exploration of the boundaries of understanding, in this case scientists have…

Gordon Moakes

Bass-ist / writ-ist / graphic-ist:

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