Global Cleantech company Netzero launches ICO backed by $1.81bn projected asset value

Moazam Ali Awan
Feb 7, 2018 · 3 min read

NetZero is primed to become a leading clean-tech asset development companies maximizing profitability by using its closed loop cluster model built on open ledger smart contracts.
NetZero has several high-value projects in the pipeline and is ready to scale these up to achieve maximum asset potential within its eco-green portfolio.
The ecological concerns that hover the world nowadays will have a substantial influence on our future.
The judgments we mark today affect the eventual consequence.
This is the driving philosophy behind investment strategies for Netzero that has directed them to cultivate their constellation model of synergized clean tech solutions
Net Zero Enterprises has established a demonstrated approach that not only exploits efficacy of Cleantech elucidations; it forms new streams of revenue, minimizes risk and engenders gainful yields to their stockholders. NZE has formed a Cluster Model that emphases on assimilating numerous technologies within a closed-loop system. By carrying several maintainable technologies composed of one physical location, the Net Zero Cluster Model aims to produce greater productivities with less jeopardy. This is a more sustainable method to proven modern technologies such as vertical farming, solar fields, waste to energy, and water treatment.
Unlike virtually all other cryptocurrencies the NETZ ICO will be an Asset-based currency, and the proceeds from the ICO will be directly deployed into shovel ready, risk mitigated Power Plant Assets within Clean Tech/Waste to Energy and therefore start to generate both ongoing dividends and a x4 multiple in Asset Value increase per project from its build-out cost.

This will create a HARD ASSET-BACKED INCREASE in the value of the NETZ Currency, AND the price of the NETZ currency will, therefore, increase as new projects are launched, creating an even stronger asset value base.
“With over 200 successful projects already delivered on time and budget, we are now scaling up to achieve even more. With risk mitigation built into the projects using triple-A insurance protection, we aim to be one of the best at deploying large scale, cleantech and Energy projects globally. We see the amazing potential in utilizing the blockchain and open ledger smart contracts.

Our business model has been carefully developed to achieve maximum asset values for investors, and with the initial phase of projects projected to generate an asset value of $1.81 billion, we are confident we have created a highly attractive offering for savvy investors.”
By forming global partnerships, NETZ ICO will be the most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the green industry. They rely on the use of the innovative Clean Tech technology applied to electric arc furnaces

Kim Forssell Chairman & CEO

Net Zero is launching its ICO now and is offering investors a security token called NETZ.

With profit-sharing dividends for participants and a token buyback program included, the company is attracting huge interest from investors looking for real-world projects with a proven track record.

Read more at the ICO site:

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