“Are you sure about this?” said Anna.
 “Maybe” replied Ross. This one word had always been his crutch. He had used it every time he was faced with a decision that had consequences.
 “Maybe the bullies will leave me alone if I am nice to them” he had thought to himself when he was in 3rd grade.
 “Maybe I could be an engineer just like dad…”
 “Maybe I can study all night before the exam tomorrow and get a good grade…”
 “Maybe she likes me…”
 “Maybe it’s okay if I bunk a day of school…”
 “Maybe I can get into a good engineering program with these grades…”
 “Maybe this program isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is…”
 “Maybe I can still learn something on my own despite the horrible teachers…”
 “Maybe she likes me…”
 “Maybe I can change the world…”
 “Maybe I can reach in time if I drive faster…”
 “Maybe I can avoid the oncoming truck…”
 “Maybe the doctors can still save my leg…”
 “Maybe I’m lost…”
 “Maybe she liked me…”
 “Maybe these new crutches are more comfortable…”
 “Maybe I can get back into studies…”
 “Maybe this time it will work…”
 “Maybe if I work harder…”

“No…” he sighed. He had relied enough on crutches, he was tired of them.
 “I’m sure… Definitely…”, he said as he attached the prosthetic leg he had designed. Anna let go of his hand as he stood up and took a step. For the first time in his life he didn’t have to rely on a crutch. For the first time in his life; he was free.

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